Known issues with Windows 10 v1903 May 2019 Update

Microsoft has released Windows 10 v1903, and it comes with an array of new features and functionalities. Microsoft is currently rolling out the update to all the users; however, the rollout is slow. As part of its transparency, Windows comes [...]

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Geek Trivia: What Is An Olympic Gold Medal Primarily Composed Of?

What Is An Olympic Gold Medal Primarily Composed Of?

  1. Brass
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Zinc

Think you know the answer?

How to disable Blurred Background on Login Screen in Windows 10

disable Blurred Background on Login Screen

disable Blurred Background on Login ScreenStarting with Windows 10 v1903, you should instantly notice the blurred background on the Login screen. Also called as Acrylic Blur Effect on Sign-in Screen, the feature delivers a beautiful experience by adding more focus to the login screen. However, [...]

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Coming Soon: Share a Link to Your Instagram Story on Other Platforms

On Instagram, it's all about the sharing, but not all features are equally sharable. Take stories, for example. While an IG staple, stories can't be easily shared outside the Instagram bubble. However, that's about to change. We now know Instagram is hard at work on a feature that lets you share a convenient link to your Instagram story to any other platform — text, email, social app, and so on. The upcoming link share feature is so simple, you'd think it was already available as a sharing option on your Instagram story. Yes, you can already share your story to Direct Messages with your... more


How to Turn Off Those Annoying Amber Alerts & Emergency Broadcasts on Your Android

To bring things up to code with a new FCC standard, Android recently added an "Emergency broadcasts" feature that will make your smartphone notify you whenever a potential safety threat or AMBER alert is posted in your area. Even if you have your phone set to silent, these emergency alerts will cause your device to emit a loud, piercing sound when a potential threat is nearby. But many people already have their own solution for getting notified of emergency situations. On top of that, the vast majority of these notifications are for events that aren't exactly life-threatening such as severe... more


How to enable or disable Reserved Storage on Windows 10

Windows 10 System and Reserved

Windows 10 System and ReservedEvery time a Windows Feature Update rolls out to end consumers, many complain about low storage space, not able to download the updates, slow update experience, and so on. The problem is that many of them dont have enough storage [...]

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Start Menu not responding? Restart StartMenuExperienceHost.exe in Windows 10

Restart Start Menu in Windows 10

Restart Start Menu in Windows 10I am sure you must have faced a situation where the Start Menu stops responding. It either doesn’t open or sometimes it just hangs on the screen wide open. Starting with Windows 10 v1903, there is a separate process available [...]

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Disable Amber, Emergency, Public Safety & Other Government Alerts on Your iPhone for Some Peace & Quiet

No, you should probably not turn off Amber, emergency, and public safety alerts on your iPhone. These government notifications are used to warn you about imminent natural disasters, active shooters, and terrorist attacks. More frequently, they ask for your help with child abductions. The alerts save lives, but it's still up to you whether you want to get them or not. Emergency and government alerts pushed out to your iPhone can be loud and abrasive, and that's to make sure they get your attention, but those overzealous notifications is a legitimate reason to want to disable them for good... more


How to Turn On/Off and Clear Clipboard History in Windows 10

The Windows 10 Cloud Clipboard feature lets you have a list of multiple copied text in place so you can reuse it. That said, we know for a fact all Clipboard Data is cleared every time the computer restarts, but [...]

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How to Delete Telegram Messages & Whole Conversations for Everyone in the Chat

If you're looking to keep your conversations private, look no further than Telegram. Its cloud-based chats are secure and its optional end-to-end encrypted chats even more so, but you can't really prevent someone in the conversation from sharing your messages. However, you can lessen that chance by taking back your messages, deleting them for both you and the other end of the discussion. Unlike Facebook Messenger's delete feature, which only lets you yank back sent messages after ten minutes, Telegram has no time limit for deleting your posted messages for all parties involved. Not only that... more


How to open multiple apps at once from Start Menu in Windows 10

Open Multiple Instance of app from Start Screen

Open Multiple Instance of app from Start ScreenIf you use the Windows 10 Start Menu to keep frequently used apps in one place, here is a neat trick for you. You can choose to launch or open multiple apps from the Start Menu in Windows 10. We [...]

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How to Create Newsletter-Style Columns in Word

word logo

Newsletters are fantastic for delivering essential updates to your followers about your business or organization. With the help of specific features in Microsoft Word, you’ll be able to create a beautiful, professional newsletter in no time.

Creating Newsletter-Style Columns in Word

Arranging your text via columns is an essential part of creating a newsletter. Luckily with Word, that doesn’t involve inserting several text boxes (though you can certainly do it that way). What’s better is you can input your content first and then format it afterward.

There are a few ways of going about this, the first being applying a column style to the entire document. To do this, head over to the “Layout” tab and select “Columns.”

layout tab

Once selected, a drop-down menu will appear. You can choose any of the options you like, and it will automatically apply to the entire document, as per the default setting. Let’s go ahead and select “Three.”


Once selected, you’ll get something that looks like this:

three columns example

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Daily News Roundup: Getting Windows 10’s May 2019 Update

How-To Geek Daily News Roundup graphic

Yesterday Microsoft announced the release of the Windows 10 May 2019 Update to everybody, Wyze announced an affordable smart light bulb, and Huawei won’t be able to use new ARM processors anymore.

Getting Windows 10’s May 2019 Update

If you’ve missed our past coverage, the May 2019 Update introduced several notable features. For Pro users, the most exciting feature is, without a doubt, the Sandbox. But everyone should appreciate the new Light themespeed improvements, a cleaner start menu, and the ability to uninstall more built-in apps.

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Getting the update is straightforward, just open up the Windows Updates panel from Settings, click “Check for updates” and cross your fingers if you want it. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll see “Feature update to Windows 10, version 1930” with a link to “Download and install now” underneath that you’ll want to click.

Windows Update dialog showing May 2019 update.

Microsoft is throttling the release, so you may not see the update right away. Given that in the past, these large updates have introduced equally large problems, like deleting files, slowly rolling out the update is a good idea on Microsoft’s part.

Waiting isn’t a bad idea, but if you want to have the latest and greatest today, open up Windows Update. You may already see Windows 10 May 2019 Update (seriously Microsoft, maybe try dog names) as an option to install. If you don’t, try clicking check for updates. If that doesn’t work, you can reboot and try again. But you may have to wait until Microsoft opens the floodgates more. [ZDNet]

And now, on to the rest of the news:

  • Wyze Announces a Cheap Smart Lightbulb: Wyze, makers of affordable Wi-Fi cameras and smarthome sensors, has another device for your home. This time it’s a smart bulb, and it’s super cheap. For $8 (or $30 for four) you get a bulb that’s dimmable and tunable. That’s a steal. [Digital Trends]
  • Bose is bringing the Google Assistant to some of its speakers: Google and Bose say the Bose Home Speaker 500, Bose Soundbar 500 and 700, and the Bose Home Speaker 300 all get voice assistant love, and best of all the update is automatic. Nice and easy. [Droid Life]
  • Google Assistant is rolling out to Messages: Google previously promised that it would bring Google Assistant to the Messages app. That’s finally happening and users will notice new options in their text messages. The Assistant will offer advice about movies, music, and restaurants based on your conversation. Like Smart Replies, but maybe even Smarter. [9to5Google]
  • Huawei has a backup OS in mind; it’s Android without Google: Google pulled Huawei’s Android license, leaving the phone manufacturer up a creek without a paddle. Now the company says it has a backup OS in the works that can run Android apps. So basically Android without Google Apps, kind of like FireOS. If you’re thinking that means it’ll miss most of the best features of Android, well, you’d be right. [XDA Developers]
  • ARM reportedly to stop work with Huawei: On the other hand, a backup OS may be moot without processors to power Huawei’s devices. According to a leaked memo, ARM has instructed its employees to stop working with Huawei. ARM’s designs form the basis for mobile processors in nearly all phones and tablets. That leaves Huawei with few if any good mobile processor options. [BBC]
  • Apple updated its MacBook Pro models with new processors and a redesigned keyboard: With little warning, Apple announced spec bumps for its 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro models. The new models include 8th and 9th-generation processors and a keyboard that should prevent some of the issues Apple fans have experienced. [MacRumors]
  • Apple will expand its keyboard repair program: Speaking of the MacBook’s keyboard issues, in a near admission that the problem is worse than Apple has previously admitted to, the company is expanding its keyboard repair program to nearly all modern models. And that design change in the new models? Those keyboards are eligible too, so Apple must not be completely confident the problem is solved. [The Verge]
  • Amazon made video games to increase worker productivity: 
    Amazon wants one-day delivery for all Prime Members. That means asking its warehouse employees to move faster and faster. The company hopes making a game out tedious picking tasks will speed up the process. Remember when mom told you to make a game out of cleaning the room? Like that, but with Tetris-style graphics. And mildly higher pay. [The Washington Post]

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The Best Titanium Keychain Tools

How to Play Roblox on a Chromebook

Roblox Hero

Roblox is one of the most popular games in the world, but it’s currently limited to a handful of platforms. Chrome OS isn’t on the “supported” list, but thanks to the Google Play Store, Roblox is a few clicks away.

What Is Roblox?

What Is Roblox?

Roblox is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game creation platform where you can design, share, and play games with other players. The platform—which initially released in 2006—hosts games and virtual worlds in a variety of genres, such as simulations, puzzles, role-playing games, and racing games, to name a few. Each game in Roblox is called an “Obby,” short for an obstacle course.

With 90+ million active users per month and over 15 million games created, Roblox is quite possibly the most popular game you’ve never played. Roblox is available for Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Xbox.

Unfortunately, if you want to create your own Roblox Obby, Roblox Developer software is only available on Windows and Mac operating systems. You can, however, play it on your Chromebook—assuming it has access to the Android apps in the Google Play Store.

How to Play Roblox on a Chromebook

Open up Google Play Store, type “Roblox” into the search bar and hit Enter.

Type Roblox into the search bar, then hit enter

From the list of games, click “Install” under Roblox to start the download.

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Windows 10 Start Menu Search not searching the entire PC

Windows 10 Start Menu Search not searching the entire PC

Windows 10 Start Menu Search not searching the entire PCMany a time Windows search results don’t include what you wanted to search. However, if you were searching for something which was on your desktop and Libraries, they would appear on the search results right away. The problem is not [...]

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How to enable Enhanced Mode in Windows 10 Search

Enhanced Mode in Windows 10 Search

Enhanced Mode in Windows 10 SearchMicrosoft has included an Enhanced Search Mode in Windows 10 v1903. Compared to the Classic Mode, Enhanced search mode indexes everything on your Windows 10 PC. In this post, we will share how you can enable Enhanced Search mode in [...]

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iPhone not charging when connected to computer

iPhone charging

iPhone chargingNormally, any iPhone user will use the charger shipped with the package to charge his iPhone. Attempt to use anything else is not recommended! Still, there are situations where we have seen people charging the iPhone by connecting it to [...]

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Daily Deals: A $250 iPad, a $50 JBL Link Speaker, a $115 Galaxy Tab E, and More

How to Split Text in Google Sheets

Split Text Hero

Often, you need to split the content of a cell in your spreadsheet that is separated by a comma or space, such as the first and last names of a contact. Luckily, Google Sheets provides a simple, straightforward approach to dealing with merged datasets.

How to Split Text in Google Sheets

Fire up your browser, open up a Google Sheets document, and select all the cells you want to split up.

Select the cells you want to Split

Warning: Make sure the cells to the right don’t already have data in them. This feature overwrites those cells without any warning.

Next, click Data > Split Text Into Columns.

Click Data > Split text into columns

Sheets has a few common options to choose from when you split up data in your document, such as by comma, semicolon, full stop, and space. For this example, we’ll use “Space” as a separator, since there is a space between our datasets.

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Everything New in Windows 10’s May 2019 Update, Available Now

How to enable new Light Mode Theme on Windows 10

Windows 10 now comes with an all-new Light Mode Theme that gives a light accent color to Start, Taskbar and Notification Area. Apart from this. It brings in a lot of new features and improvements. This new theme is somewhere [...]

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GPU Shark makes monitoring your NVIDIA and AMD GPU easy

For many PC gamers, there will come a time when they’ll have to monitor their GPUs to get an idea of the performance, among other things. To get this task done, PC gamers have a plethora of tools to choose [...]

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Clockwork Pi GameShell Review: The DIY Game Boy With LEGO-Inspired Design

How to Use the yes Command on Linux

The yes command seems too simple to be of any practical use, but in this tutorial, we’ll show you its application and how to benefit from its pent-up positivity in Linux and macOS.

The yes Command

The yes command is one of the simplest commands in Linux and other Unix-like operating systems like macOS. And by simple, we mean simple in its use and its initial implementation. The source code for the original version—released in System 7 Unix and authored by Ken Thompson—amounts to a mere six lines of code.

But don’t write it off for being a simple little command. It can be used in some interesting and useful ways.

What Does yes Do?

Used without any command line parameters, the yes command behaves as though you were typing “y” and hitting Enter, over and over (and over and over) again. Very quickly. And it will carry on doing so until you press Ctrl+C to interrupt it.


output from yes in a terminal window

In fact, yes can be used to repeatedly generate any message you choose. Simply type yes, a space, the string you wish to use, and then press Enter. This is often used to cause yes to generate an output stream of “yes” or “no” strings.

yes yes

output from yes yes in a terminal window

yes anything you like

output from yes with a line of text in a terminal window

But What Use Is That?

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